Corporate Officers

Board of Directors

Audit & Supervisory Board

Executive Officers

Presidential Executive Officer Koshiro Kudo Executive Officer for Material Business Sector
Vice-Presidential Executive Officer Fumitoshi Kawabata Executive Officer for Homes Business Sector
Primary Executive Officer Kazushi Kuse Senior General Manager, Digital Value Co-Creation
Richard A. Packer Executive Officer for Health Care Business Sector
Hideyuki Yamagishi President, Life Innovation SBU
Yoshihiro Ono President, Environmental Solutions SBU
Senior Executive Officer Toshiyasu Horie Executive Officer for Strategy, Accounting & Finance, IR, Internal Control
John W. Moyer Deputy Oversight: Material Business Sector (Executive Officer for North America)
CEO, Polypore International, LP
Jonathan A. Rennert CEO, ZOLL Medical Corporation
Minoru Suetsugu Senior General Manager, Nobeoka Office
Hiroki Ideguchi Executive Officer for General Affairs, Legal, Communications, Risk Management & Compliance
Hiroyoshi Matsuyama Deputy Oversight: Environmental Solutions SBU (Polypore)
Masatsugu Kawase Executive Officer for Health & Productivity Management, Energy Policy & Carbon Neutrality
Lead Executive Officer Yukifumi Kuwaba President, Mobility & Industrial SBU
Masami Takenaka Senior General Manager, Corporate Research & Development
Dirk R. Pieper Deputy Oversight: Mobility & Industrial SBU
Akira Nishizawa President, Asahi Kasei Europe GmbH
Satoshi Nishikawa Executive Officer for HR
Tatsuya Koike Senior General Manager, Corporate Strategy
Shinichiro Haga Deputy Oversight: Life Innovation SBU (Comfort Life Domain)
Shinichi Okada Senior General Manager, Corporate Production Technology
Noriaki Harada Senior General Manager, Digital Strategy Initiative
Nobuko Uetake Senior General Manager, Green Solution Project
Kazuya Noda Senior General Manager, Technology Policy Center, Corporate Research & Development
Executive Officer Yoshihito Itani Deputy Oversight: Environmental Solutions SBU (Technology)
Masanori Yagami President & Representative Director, Asahi Kasei Advance Corp.
Motomichi Kishino Senior General Manager, Corporate Accounting & Finance
Shuji Kondoh General Representative for China
Chairman, Asahi Kasei (China) Co., Ltd.
Kazumitsu Sakurai Senior General Manager, Production Infrastructure Center, Life Innovation SBU
Hiromi Nakafutami Senior General Manager, Corporate Quality Ensurance
Kazunori Nakajima Executive Officer for Manufacturing, ESH, Regional Offices
Senior General Manager, Production Center
Elijah A. White President, ZOLL Resuscitation
Jason T. Whiting President, ZOLL Cardiac Management Solutions
Kiyoshi Sawae Executive Officer for Procurement & Logistics
Ippei Araya Deputy Oversight: Environmental Solutions SBU
Akio Terada Senior General Manager, Corporate IT Management, Digital Value Co-Creation
Tatsuhiko Tokunaga Senior General Manager, Sustainability Strategy Planning Dept.
Naoki Koyama Deputy Oversight: Environmental Solutions SBU (Basic Chemicals Business)
Ryu Taniguchi Deputy Oversight: Environmental Solutions SBU (Battery Materials)
Mark E. Hensley CEO, Veloxis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

(as of April 1, 2023)