Veloxis Pharmaceuticals

Corporate Profile

A US pharmaceutical company, Veloxis sells an immunosuppressive drug using proprietary drug delivery technology* to help prevent organ rejection after kidney transplants. Veloxis is enhancing licensing activity to obtain new pharmaceuticals as growth drivers to accelerate the Asahi Kasei Group’s transformation to a global health care enterprise.

  • *Technology to enhance the effects and/or reduce the side effects of drugs by controlling their absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion

Trade name Veloxis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Main businesses Research, development, manufacture, and sale of pharmaceuticals for organ transplantation
Home office 2000 Regency Parkway, Suite 500, Cary, NC 27518, USA
CEO Mark E. Hensley
Paid-in capital US$1,117 million (including capital surplus)
Shareholder Asahi Kasei Corp.
Phone +1-919-591-3090

(as of April 1, 2023)

Officers & Directors

Richard A. Packer Board Director
Mark E. Hensley Chief Executive Officer
Board Director
Tunde Otulana, MD Executive Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Ulf J. Meier-Kriesche, MD Executive Officer
Chief Scientific Officer
Ed Sleeper Executive Officer
Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
Stacy G. Wheeler Executive Officer
Senior Vice President, Operations
V. Noel Barnard Executive Officer
Vice President, Legal and General Counsel; Secretary
Takeshi Ohno Executive Officer
Chief Business Officer

(as of April 1, 2024)