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At a Glance

An overview of the Asahi Kasei Group, its results, and policies are shown.

Basic facts

(consolidated, as of March 31, 2021)

  • Founding1922

    Beginning in Shiga Prefecture (Zeze) and Miyazaki Prefecture (Nobeoka)

  • Consolidated subsidiaries333

    Located in over 20 countries worldwide

  • Employees44,497

    Approximately 40% overseas

  • Net sales¥2,106 billion

  • Operating income¥172 billion

  • R&D expenditure¥89.7 billion

Environmental efforts

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction

reduce by 30% or more

  • Target for fiscal 2030 compared with fiscal 2013
Hydroelectric power plants


  • Supplying approximately 14% of the electricity used by the Asahi Kasei Group in Japan
CDP*climate change ranking (fiscal 2018)


  • CDP is an NPO based in the UK which researches and evaluates how companies and cities are working to address environmental issues related to climate change, water, forests, etc.

Financial results

  • [Net sales]FY2017 ¥2,042.2 billion/FY2018 ¥2,170.4 billion/FY2019 ¥2,151.6 billion/¥18.8 billion decrease
  • [Opening income]FY2017 ¥198.5 billion/FY2018 ¥209.6 billion/FY2019 ¥177.3billion/¥32.3 billion decrease
  • [Ordinary income]FY2017 ¥212.5 billion/FY2018 ¥220.0 billion/FY2018 ¥184.0 billion/¥36.0 billion decrease
  • [Net income attributable to owners of the parent]FY2017 ¥170.2 billion/FY2018 ¥147.5 billion/FY2019 ¥103.9 billion/¥43.6 billion decrease

Financial information

Results by segment

  • Net sales* ¥2,151.6 billion/FY 2019(Material/Homes/Health Care)
  • Operating income* ¥177.3 billion/FY 2019(Material/Homes/Health Care)
  • * Graphs shown exclusive of "Others" category and "corporate expenses and eliminations"

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