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Management Message

Continually taking challenges for sustainability with the dual perspective of "Care for People, Care for Earth"

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered seismic shifts around the world. There is increased awareness regarding life, health, and hygiene. New social issues have come to the forefront, and people's values with respect to how they live and work have changed. Furthermore, the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which are considered to cause climate change, and the difficulty of doing so, have become even more apparent, and efforts to achieve carbon neutrality are gathering steam around the world. There is also an urgent need to address human rights issues, such as by correcting and preventing human rights violations that result from business activities, including forced labor. The importance of taking action to achieve a sustainable society will only continue to rise.

Asahi Kasei's Group Mission is to contribute to life and living for people around the world. The expression "Care for People, Care for Earth" encapsulates our commitment. We will continue our efforts to contribute to a sustainable society and care for both people and the earth, which is now more vital than ever before.

Regarding Care for People, we are advancing initiatives that contribute to achieving a society where people can lead active lives in the "new normal" both during the pandemic and thereafter. When COVID-19 swept the world, we responded by increasing production of ventilators and material for protective medical gowns, while maintaining a stable supply and increasing the production of bioprocess filters for the manufacture of vaccines and therapeutic agents. We are also advancing in the fields of pharmaceuticals and medical devices for orthopedics and critical care to address the needs of aging populations around the world over the medium to long term. We are also developing our Homes business which enables people to lead fulfilling lives in security and comfort over the long term.

Regarding Care for Earth, we are working to contribute to the achievement of a carbon-neutral sustainable society. In May 2021, we announced our goal of becoming carbon neutral in our GHG emissions by 2050. Achieving carbon neutrality is a major challenge for us, having business operations centered around chemicals. However, we believe that our generation should shoulder the responsibility of working towards this goal so that we can ensure a bright future for subsequent generations. At the same time, chemistry can make significant contributions to reducing global GHG emissions and making a sustainable society a reality. We will create new value for society through our technologies and products in the chemical-centric Material sector while offering ZEH (net zero energy houses) and high-performance thermal insulation in the Homes sector.

In a discontinuous and uncertain business environment where the future is obscure, we need to firmly solidify our foundations as we move forward. We will continue to take challenges of contributing to a sustainable society while ensuring compliance, safety and quality, and respect for human rights, as well as appropriate communication with stakeholders.

Koshiro Kudo