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Management Message

Continually taking challenges for sustainability with the dual perspective of "Care for People, Care for Earth"

The sustainability of human society is being called into question by a succession of issues including climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, and Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Such issues are giving rise to various changes by increasing people's awareness regarding life and health, altering people's values with respect to how they live and work, and bringing new social issues to the forefront. Furthermore, the urgency of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change has become even more apparent, and efforts to achieve carbon neutrality are accelerating around the world. To eliminate human rights violations such as forced labor, respect for human rights is also a pressing need. The importance of such taking action to achieve a sustainable society will only continue to rise.

Asahi Kasei's Group Mission is to contribute to life and living for people around the world. The expression "Care for People, Care for Earth" encapsulates our commitment. I always have this phrase in mind regarding the management of the Asahi Kasei Group. We will continue our efforts to contribute to a sustainable society which is rising in importance, by caring for both people and the earth.

Regarding Care for People, we are advancing initiatives for achieving a society where people can lead active lives in the "new normal" both during the pandemic and thereafter. As populations age around the world with increased longevity, we are expanding in the Health Care sector focused on the mission "Improve and save patients' lives," including a pharmaceutical business centered on immunology, transplantation, and peripheral areas, a critical care business in the field of serious cardiopulmonary conditions, and a bioprocess business that contributes to improved safety and productivity of biotherapeutics. We are also advancing our Homes business which enables people to lead fulfilling lives in security and comfort both in Japan and overseas.

Regarding Care for Earth, we are working to contribute to the achievement of a carbon-neutral sustainable society, and in 2021 we announced our goal of becoming carbon neutral in our GHG emissions by 2050. We are reducing our GHG emissions by curtailing our use of energy, switching to low-carbon/decarbonized energy sources, manufacturing process innovation, and various other measures. Meanwhile we are also helping to reduce GHG emissions throughout the world with our businesses and technologies related to hydrogen, CO2 chemistry, energy storage, and environmental homes and construction materials.

We celebrated the centennial of Asahi Kasei's founding in May 2022. With the understanding and encouragement of our stakeholders, we have taken various challenges to provide products and services in accordance with changes in the social environment. As we embark on our second century, we are determined to renew our enterprising spirit and take on new challenges. As a trailblazer that opens a new path that is not on any map, we will contribute a sustainable society while gaining a sustainable increase in our corporate value as two mutually reinforcing aspects of sustainability. Thank you for your consideration and support.

Koshiro Kudo