Management Message

Continually taking challenges for sustainability with the dual perspective of "Care for People, Care for Earth"

The sustainability of human society is being threatened by a series of major issues, such as increasingly frequent and severe natural disasters caused by climate change, the prolonged impact of COVID-19, and the global tensions following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Due to a number of changes that have occurred as a result, there is increased awareness about life and health. People's values with respect to how they live and work have changed, and new social issues have come to the forefront as well.

Moreover, the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in response to climate change has become more apparent than ever, and efforts to achieve carbon neutrality are accelerating around the world. Initiatives for respecting human rights in an effort to eliminate forced labor and other human rights abuses are another urgent necessity.
As such, the importance of taking action to achieve a sustainable society will only continue to rise.

Asahi Kasei's Group Mission is to contribute to life and living for people around the world. The expression "Care for People, Care for Earth" encapsulates our commitment. This is a key concept for our Group, and one that I constantly keep in mind as I proceed with management. Through our Group's business activities, we will actively promote initiatives that contribute to a sustainable society, which has become more important than ever, from the standpoint of “Care for People” and “Care for Earth.”

Regarding Care for People, we are advancing initiatives that help achieve a society where people can lead active lives in the "new normal" both during the pandemic and thereafter. As the world's population ages and people live longer, we will expand our business in the Health Care field. This includes our pharmaceutical business that focuses on immunology and transplantation, our critical care business in the field of serious cardiopulmonary diseases, and our bioprocess business that contributes to improving the safety and productivity of pharmaceutical products, all in accordance with the “Improve and save patients' lives” policy, which is outlined in our new Medium-term Management Plan. We are also developing our Homes business both in Japan and abroad, which enables people to lead fulfilling lives in security and comfort.

Regarding Care for Earth, we are working to contribute to the achievement of a carbon-neutral sustainable society. In 2021, we announced our goal of becoming carbon neutrality in our GHG emissions by 2050. We will reduce our own GHG emissions through a variety of measures, including reducing energy use, energy derived from low carbonization and decarbonization, and innovation in our manufacturing processes. At the same time, we will continue to develop and provide products that reduce GHG emissions in society through our diverse array of businesses and technologies, including hydrogen-related, CO2chemistry, energy storage, and eco-friendly housing and construction materials.

In May 2022, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of our founding. With the understanding and cooperation of our stakeholders, we have been taking on challenges and doing our best to provide products and services that respond to changes in the social environment.

As we take our first steps into the next 100 years, we are determined to rekindle our enterprising spirit and take on new challenges. We will carve out paths not taken and show the world the way (Be a Trailblazer), and we will contribute to a sustainable society through our business activities and enhance corporate value in a sustainable manner. This is the kind of sustainability we will pursue. We would like request everyone’s continued understanding and support going forward.

Koshiro Kudo