Statement | Sustainability | Asahi Kasei

Management Message

We will face common issues for all humanity to contribute to sustainable society through our business activities.

There has been rising global awareness of social issues, particularly environmental problems, as symbolized by the sustainable development goals (SDGs) adopted by the UN. While humanity has made great steps forward with the progress of technology, some regions and people in the world have been left behind. Meanwhile, the fact that conventional development is approaching the limits of the Earth must be clearly recognized as a common issue for all humanity. Moreover, falling birthrates and aging populations, primarily in developed nations, are presenting new challenges that are different from those presented by the globally rising population. As a company, we need to face these realities squarely.

The Asahi Kasei Group has set "contributing to life and living for people around the world" as our Group Mission, and we have developed businesses that meet global challenges. This means that ever since our company was founded nearly 100 years ago with the aim of "improving human culture," we have taken strides to meet changing social needs, which have included establishment of livelihood base, abundance of goods, comfort and convenience, and demand in emerging countries. Now the Asahi Kasei Group is committed to sustainable society and pursuing sustainability.

To this end, we launched "Cs+ for Tomorrow 2021," the new three-year medium-term management initiative, in April 2019. This management initiative will achieve sustainability, which is positioned at the center, through the two mutually reinforcing aspects, "contributing to sustainable society" and "sustainable growth of corporate value."

Asahi Kasei has identified five priority fields for provision of value to contributing to sustainable society and will implement growth strategies in these fields. Specifically, the five priority fields are "Environment & Energy" to reduce environmental impact, "Mobility" to realize safe and comfortable travel, "Life Material" to bring about comfortable lifestyles, "Home & Living" to underpin secure and affluent living, and "Health Care" to contribute to a society with healthy longevity. Through these fields, we will provide new value aimed at contributing to sustainable society while enhancing sustainable growth of corporate value.

Leveraging our strengths of diversity and ability to change, we will achieve growth as only Asahi Kasei can while striving for communication with our stakeholders and appropriate disclosure of information.

Hideki Kobori