* Items with an asterisk are part of the Asahi Kasei Group's ESH & QA Activities.

Subject Policy Management Framework Initiatives
ESH & QA Activities
E Climate Change*
Disclosure based on TCFD Recommendations     
Pollution Prevention and Resource Circulation*
Water Use*
Supply Chain (Environmental)*
S Customer Responsibility
Quality Assurance*
Labor Standards
Occupational Health and Safety*
Health and Productivity Management*
Human Rights
Local communities
Social Contributions
Supply Chain (Social)
G Corporate Governance Basic Approach
Corporate Governance Framework
Policy and Procedures to Nominate Candidates for Directors
Attendance Rate at Board Meetings
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Board of Directors
Remuneration of Directors
Independence Standards and Qualification for Outside Directors/Audit & Supervisory Board Members
Status of Audits by Audit & Supervisory Board Members, Financial Audits and Internal Audits
Compliance Policy
Management Framework
Whistleblower System (Compliance Hotline)
Prevention of Corruption and Bribery
Political Contributions
Compliance with antimonopoly and competition laws
Initiatives for Transparency in Relationships with Medical Institutions
Ethical Considerations in Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Development
Risk Management Policy
Management Framework
Information Security
Protection of Personal Information
Protection of Intellectual Property
Crisis response system
Tax Policy Tax Policy
ESG Data List ESG-related data is shown