Asahi Kasei Homes

Corporate Profile

We are advancing with a high-earnings operational structure and strong brand recognition in the Japanese urban homes market. Our business structure is being transformed to create synergies through further expansion of order-built homes operations, expansion of remodeling, real estate, and financial services, and development of new business.

Trade name Asahi Kasei Homes Corp.
Main businesses Design, supervision, and contracting for Hebel Haus™ unit homes, Hebel Maison™ apartments, and condominiums; condominium and apartment operation; remodeling; real estate; urban development
Home office 1-105 Kanda Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8101 Japan
President Fumitoshi Kawabata
Paid-in capital ¥3,250 million
Shareholder Asahi Kasei Corp.
Phone +81-(0)3-6899-3000

(as of April 1, 2020)


Fumitoshi Kawabata President & Representative Director,
Presidential Executive Officer
Hideki Fujisawa Director, Primary Executive Officer
Yoshiyuki Takagi Director, Primary Executive Officer
Kazutoyo Tsurukawa Director, Primary Executive Officer
Yuuji Oowaku Director, Primary Executive Officer
Kensuke Sakai Director, Senior Executive Officer
Yasumasa Yamakoshi Director
Kenji Takahashi Primary Executive Officer
Eiji Gotou Senior Executive Officer
Hiroshi Nakamura Senior Executive Officer
Koji Okamae Senior Executive Officer
Kiyoshi Yanagisawa Senior Executive Officer
Hideshi Yanagimoto Executive Officer
Yasuyuki Aman Executive Officer
Kazumi Mutou Executive Officer
Shunichi Abe Executive Officer
Yukiyasu Murakami Executive Officer
Tomonori Shin Executive Officer
Shinpei Matsumoto Executive Officer
Rich Gallagher Executive Officer
Hironori Iwai Corporate Auditor
Sumio Ikejiri Corporate Auditor
Takaaki Hori Corporate Auditor

(As of April 1, 2024)

Major Subsidiaries and Affiliates


Asahi Kasei Realty & Residence Corp. Real estate development, brokerage, and related business
Asahi Kasei Home Construction Corp. Construction of homes
Asahi Kasei Jyuko Co., Ltd. Steel frames
Asahi Kasei Homes Financial Corp. Financial services
Asahi Kasei Reform Co., Ltd. Home maintenance and remodeling


Asahikasei Jyuko Vietnam Corp. Steel-frame members