Information Disclosure Policy

Accurate and timely disclosure of information to our shareholders and investors is performed in accordance with the Asahi Kasei Group Information Disclosure Policy, shown below.

Basic principles

With our Basic Credo of "contributing to human life and human livelihood through constant innovation and advances based in science and the human intellect," we hold "progressing in concert with society, and honoring the laws and standards of society as a good corporate citizen" as a Guiding Precept. "Ensuring transparency" is a fundamental element of our Corporate Ethics - Basic Policy. We proactively engage in information disclosure and communication based on these basic concepts.

Corporate information is disclosed fairly, impartially, accurately, and as swiftly as possible to stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, shareholders, investors, employees, and local communities, and to the general public.

In our communication with stakeholders and with the general public, we strive for dialog which fosters a relationship of trust, promoting greater understanding of the Asahi Kasei Group and its operations, to increase brand strength and heighten corporate value.

Standards of information disclosure

Disclosure of Material Corporate Information

Timely Disclosure Information as specified in the Timely Disclosure Regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) is disclosed in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Regulations. Systematic Disclosure Information, being information whose disclosure is required by the Corporation Law, the Financial Products Trading Law, or other law, ordinance, or regulation, is disclosed promptly and appropriately in accordance with such law, ordinance, or regulation.

Disclosure of Voluntary Corporate Information

In addition to disclosure of Material Corporate Information, information which we believe would significantly affect the Asahi Kasei Group's corporate value and that which we believe would be conducive to public communication is proactively disclosed as Voluntary Corporate Information.

Manner of information disclosure

Timely Disclosure Information as specified in the Timely Disclosure Regulations is posted on the TSE's Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet), disseminated to news media by distributing press releases and holding press conferences, and publicized on the corporate website. Systematic Disclosure Information and Voluntary Corporate Information are disclosed promptly and appropriately.

Quiet period

In order to ensure fairness and to prevent premature divulgence of information related to financial results, we employ a quiet period which as a rule lasts for approximately three weeks prior to the date of an announcement of financial results. During the quiet period, we refrain from providing any new information related to the upcoming financial results, either in response to specific inquiries thereto or as part of any other statement or comment.

Forward-looking statements

Forecasts and estimates included in disclosed information are determined based on information available at the time of disclosure; plans and figures depicting the future do not imply a commitment or guarantee of actual outcomes. Recipients of such information are asked to understand that actual results and performance may differ from forecasts and estimates due to the effect of a variety of risks and uncertainties emerging subsequent to disclosure.

Established July 1, 2008.