Investor News

Notice of payment of dividends from surplus

May 11, 2018
Asahi Kasei Corp.

The Board of Directors of Asahi Kasei Corp. has today made a resolution as shown below regarding the payment of dividends from surplus with a date of record of March 31, 2018.

1.Substance of dividend payments

Resolved today Latest forecast
(announced on February 7, 2018)
Dividends paid at end of fiscal 2016
Date of record March 31, 2018 March 31, 2018 March 31, 2017
Dividend per share ¥20 ¥14 ¥14
Total dividend amount ¥27,932 million ¥19,553 million
Payment date June 5, 2018 June 6, 2017
Source of dividends Retained earnings Retained earnings

2.Reason of the resolution

The company’s basic policy is to strive for stable dividends and increased dividends through continuous earnings growth while maintaining an appropriate internal reserve to perform well-balanced investment for growth and return to shareholders.

The dividend at the end of fiscal 2017 is now ¥20 per share in consideration of the above stated policy. As a result, the annual dividend per share increased by ¥10 from a year ago to ¥34 per share, as shown in the following table.

In accordance with Asahi Kasei's Articles of Incorporation, dividends from surplus are determined by resolution of the Board of Directors.

Cash dividend per share (yen)
Date of record End of Q2 Fiscal year end Total
Dividend adopted ¥14 ¥20 ¥34
cf. fiscal 2015 ¥10 ¥14 ¥24