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Asahi Kasei holds DX Briefing

December 16, 2021
Asahi Kasei Corp.

In its Cs+ for Tomorrow 2021 medium-term strategic management initiative since 2019, the Asahi Kasei Group is promoting digital transformation (DX) as a key to heightening operations. A wide range of measures are advanced with results being achieved in relation to R&D, production, quality control, plant maintenance, sales, marketing, business strategy, and new business creation. Asahi Kasei will continue to accelerate DX along with sustainability as a source of competitiveness. The DX Briefing is held to gain better understanding among stakeholders of Asahi Kasei’s efforts for DX.

In accordance with its DX Vision 2030, Asahi Kasei aims to co-create “healthy living” and “a future world full of smiles” through the borderless connections enhanced by digital innovation.

Digital Introduction Period (fiscal 2016–2019)

Since 2016, the Asahi Kasei Group has advanced over 400 projects to solve actual on-site problems using digital technology. At the same time, data scientists have been fostered for the introduction of IP landscaping and the use of materials informatics in R&D, while data analysts have been fostered for high-level utilization of data across functions ranging from production to planning.

Digital Deployment Period (fiscal 2020–2021)

Asahi Kasei is currently expanding DX across the value chain and throughout business and management. Digital Value Co-Creation was established as a company-wide organization consolidating not only IT functions but also DX functions of R&D and production technology in order to accelerate the promotion of DX group-wide. Furthermore, Asahi Kasei’s original DX Open Badge program was launched to cultivate a mindset of digital utilization among all employees world-wide with an aim of fostering 40,000 digital personnel.

Digital Creation Period (fiscal 2022–2023)

Coinciding with the centennial of Asahi Kasei’s founding, measures will focus on business model transformation and gaining value from intangible assets, etc. Asahi Kasei Garage methodology will be promoted to create new things by diverse teams from a customer-oriented design concept with agile systems to launch quickly and rapidly make improvements through trial and error. Strategy & Co-Creation will drive these activities while a group-wide data management platform is deployed for ease of access to data.

Digital Normal Period (from fiscal 2024)

From fiscal 2024 onward, it is expected that all employees throughout the Asahi Kasei Group will use digital technology as a matter of course.

DX is an ongoing matter, with the data obtained from the Asahi Kasei Group’s diversified operations and the people who utilize it considered to be sources of value. By leveraging the combined strengths of the Asahi Kasei Group, DX will be further advanced in order to achieve both contributions to sustainability and the sustainable growth of corporate value.

Please refer to the presentation material for specifics.