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Asahi Kasei holds first IP Strategy Briefing

July 7, 2022
Asahi Kasei Corp.

In the Asahi Kasei Group’s medium-term management plan (MTP) for fiscal 2022–2024 focused on the theme “Be a Trailblazer,” maximum use of intangible assets is identified as a key area, with intellectual property (IP) positioned as an important element. In the MTP, Asahi Kasei is pursuing business portfolio evolution by investing priority resources in the next growth businesses while launching a fundamental business structure transformation from a medium-term perspective, toward a vision for 2030. The effective utilization of IP will play an important role in achieving the growth strategy.

To further build strategies and create new businesses by making full use of diverse internal and external intangible assets, in April 2022 Asahi Kasei established an Intellectual Property Intelligence Dept. under the direct supervision of the Executive Officer for Corporate Strategy. Asahi Kasei aims to enhance corporate value by IP Landscaping (IPL) which has been advanced company-wide while further accelerating the utilization of intangible assets throughout the Asahi Kasei Group as well as promoting management and business strategies through collaboration between Corporate IP and each business unit.

The IP Strategy Briefing is held for the first time in order to gain greater understanding among stakeholders of the Asahi Kasei Group’s vision regarding intangible assets and strategy on utilization of IP and intangible assets.

IP activities under the previous MTP
  • “Strategic IP management and utilization,” “building a platform for new business creation,” and “promotion and implementation of IPL” were performed in accordance with the objectives of the previous MTP
  • “FY2021 Award for Excellent Corporation Utilizing the Intellectual Property Rights System (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Awards)” was received
Strategies for utilizing IP and other intangible assets in the new MTP
  • Utilizing IP and intangible assets to accelerate business portfolio evolution from the perspectives of “Speed,” “Asset Light,” and “High value-added” while contributing to achievement of both challenging investment for growth and cash generation under the new MTP
  • Under the basic policy of IP and intangible assets utilization of “alignment with business management and strategies in a timely manner,” “maximizing the value of diverse IP,” and “visualization of intangible assets using IPL,” strategic planning and execution for 10 Growth Gears (GG10), businesses to lead next growth, are conducted while improving patent value, and targeting effective patents related to GG10 increasing to over 50% in fiscal 2030 compared to around 30% in fiscal 2021
Examples of strategic utilization of IP and other intangible assets for accelerating GG10
  • Hydrogen-related business: Through analysis of publicly available information on hydrogen-related businesses, finding business partners and benchmarking using IPL, and establishing business strategies utilizing intangible assets
  • Mobility-related business: Stimulating business communication with OEMs by visualizing the relationship between our technologies and OEM’s technologies using IPL
  • Environmental homes business: With the aim of expanding net zero-energy residential building business, a comprehensive patent portfolio conducive to protection and expansion of the business has been built based on the analysis of positions of Asahi Kasei and competitors in the field of electricity management and transactions
  • Global specialty pharma business: Asahi Kasei Pharma granted an exclusive license of a chronic pain drug candidate to Eli Lilly and Company. Asahi Kasei Pharma will accelerate development of the chronic pain drug through collaboration with Eli Lilly while securing sales rights in Japan and royalty revenue worldwide