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Asahi Kasei holds DX Strategy Briefing

December 13, 2022
Asahi Kasei Corp.

The Asahi Kasei Group designated Digital Transformation (DX) as one of four key areas for strengthening its business platform under the medium-term management plan (MTP) for fiscal 2024, focused on the theme “Be a Trailblazer,” which began in April 2022. The DX Strategy Briefing is held for the second consecutive year to gain better understanding among stakeholders of Asahi Kasei’s efforts for DX.

The Asahi Kasei Group has been advancing DX in four phases. Foundations of DX were solidified through the Digital Introduction Period (fiscal 2016–2019) with digital technology used to solve actual on-site problems, and the Digital Deployment Period (fiscal 2020–2021) with DX expanded across the value chain and throughout business and management.

The Digital Creation Period (fiscal 2022–2023) began this fiscal year to gain value from intangible assets and to create new businesses and new business models by the utilization of digital technology. In the Digital Creation Period, the Asahi Kasei Group will promote DX through the three pillars of 1) Reinforcing Digital Foundations, 2) Enhancing Management, and 3) Business Transformation, based on a data management platform with a diverse array of data.

1) Reinforcing Digital Foundations
Looking ahead to the “Digital Normal Period” where all employees utilize digital technology as a matter of course, human resources, organizations, and the corporate culture are being transformed through the cultivation and recruitment of digital human resources, instillment of agile development, and promotion of data utilization.
2) Enhancing management
Achieving greater management speed and development efficiency through management based on data, R&D transformation, smart factories, etc.
3) Business Transformation
Through business model transformation, new business creation, etc., DX is contributing to the 10 Growth Gears (GG10) that will drive future growth in the MTP.

Furthermore, "DX-Challenge 10-10-10" is established in the MTP targeting the following KPIs in fiscal 2024 to indicate the progress of DX efforts, and each is advancing steadily.

  • A ten-fold increase in the number of digital professional human resources compared with fiscal 2021 (approximately 2,500 of all employees globally).
  • A ten-fold increase in the volume of data usage throughout the Asahi Kasei Group compared with fiscal 2021.
  • A \10 billion profit contribution (cumulative up to fiscal 2024) from selected main projects.

From fiscal 2024, Asahi Kasei will transition to the Digital Normal Period where all employees work with a mindset of utilizing digital technology.

In accordance with its DX Vision 2030, Asahi Kasei aims to co-create “healthy living” and “a future world full of smiles” through the borderless connections enhanced by digital innovation while further strengthening DX promotion.